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Brick and Mortar Information
Olivia Walker
6261 Marbut Farms Trail
Lithonia, Georgia 30058
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Analytic Zone:
A location that contains a high concentration of individuals that specialize in a certain profession. ex. Los Angeles specializes in film making; New York is known for Finance.(Robert Reich) Below you will find my analytic zones.

My Professional Life

Washington D.C.
I hold a degree in Political Science, so professionally Washington, D.C. is one of my analytic zones. I have taken extensive course work in public policy, and international relations. More about this can be seen here
fred Terman Founder of Silicon Valley
Silicon Valley
This is the founder of Silicon Valley. In an effort to keep engineering students from leaving Stanford University, he made resources available for former students to stay in the region. He searched for venture capital for the former students of Stanford as well as arranged for them to receive low cost leases for work space which would eventually evolve into the famed Silicon Valley. I currently am working towards a certificate as a web site specialist where the majority of the tools I use in my studies originated from Silicon Valley; from the whole infrastructure of the Internet, to the imaging tools. Please view My Technical Compentencies.

Home and Family

The Martin Luther King Home (3K)
Atlanta, Georgia
Atlanta is a peace zone. It is the home of the King Center, and the Carter Center, both institutions are committed to the spread of peace around the world. Atlanta is known as the city too busy to hate. It has been historically known as a city of business and has some of the most beautiful buildings in the world.
My Children
Family is a wonderful thing. My two children are day brighteners and an inspiration to me. They are so fascinating to watch as they grow older. Their personalities are definitely colorful and interesting. Read about them.

My Personal Life

london'jpg I am a Capricorn. I have always associated the city of London with the Capricornian personality, staid,conservative, but still able to let my hair down. Please read more about my personal side


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